Monday, May 24, 2010

Strawberry 100% - New Version

A little update on Strawberry 100%, just when you thought it'd gone away. While I pride myself on making subtitles as good as they can be, I understand that the audio/video aspects of raw+remux releases aren't always the greatest. But fear not. There are not one, but two groups who are releasing or planning to release encodes from R2JDVD .isos using my subs:


TV episodes 1-2 from MDC are available now. While I thought the Zero-Raws files I used looked pretty good compared to the old TV-rips, I'm sure these new encodes look and sound even better. Also, MDC has agreed to encode and release the OVAs, so be sure to keep an eye on his blog. Of course, news of those releases will be cross-posted here, since I will be doing the necessary work to create softsubs for them. So far, I've completely transcribed dp's subs for all five episodes. That leaves:

Editing / TL Check
Some small amount of typesetting
6 songs worth of karaoke (1 OP, 5 separate EDs)

Look for these in about 2 weeks, at the earliest.


  1. Episode 3 is out:

  2. OVA 00 Jump Festival 2004 and episodes 4-7 are out:
    MDC Fansubs Blog

  3. Strawberry 100% is supposed to have 24 episodes so that should include the 2nd season. Viz has only done 6? So did another sub group take over? or what is going on?

  4. Note that the "24" episodes refers to 24 12-minute episodes that aired in standard 25-minute timeslots. The .mkv chapters reflect this, as the "Part 1" and "Part 2" chapters are labeled after the episode titles. So there are only 12 standard episodes (subbed by yesy and LIME), plus the unaired ep 10.5 (subbed by dp), the 2004 Jump Festival OVA (subbed by yesy/dp), and the 4 episode OVA (subbed by dp). So all the Strawberry 100% anime that exists has been fansubbed, and all of it has been or will shortly be re-released in HQ by ReDone / ReDone-MDC.

    As for Viz, I imagine they'll have more up for streaming sooner or later.

  5. thank you zalis. kind of disappointing.