Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strawberry 100% 12 - Who needs an ending?

Well, Strawberry 100% TV is finally finished, at least in terms of this re-release project. As for the story... not so much. The incompleteness made me rage back in 2005, but I was still fairly new to anime back then. I hadn't learned to expect grossly incomplete manga adaptations from ~12-episode anime. Nowadays, it's pretty much par for the course. If you want more, there's always the OVAs, and of course the manga. I haven't read it beyond a few chapters I skimmed through for translation checking, but it's supposed to be good. You can find it here.

Now that my first project is complete, let me know how I did. If you liked or disliked it, sound off here or at some public venue like AniDB or MAL. Or on bakabt, if a batch gets hosted there.


  1. hi there. i like your release. it's my first time watching ichigo 100%.
    btw. there are editions in the mkv files. what are the differences between them?
    anyway, thank you for you hard work

  2. Thanks for that serie.
    Just wondering, will you do the Jump Festival 2004 OVA also? I know yesy did it already, but they released it as a poor xvid video, h264 is much better for video quality.

  3. You not going to do the OVA's?

  4. Batch coming up on Bakabt here in a couple. downloading the 12th episode now.

  5. I will do the OVAs, including the Jump Festival. Just not right away. However, they'll be in XviD because that's what the raws (Chinese DVD-rips) are encoded in, and there's no point in re-encoding them. (Although I may wait to do new encodes.) But you will see some improvements:

    AC3 instead of mp3 audio for 3 out of 5 OVAs.
    Softsubs instead of hardsubs.
    Subtitle styling that's more readable and consistent with my TV series release.
    Fixes to the timing, editing, and translation of dp's subs.

    @HiddenJumper: Argh, bakabt's down again :(

  6. Zalis, I have the ISO's downloading and I'd rather encode for you than just release under my name (not sure why you deleted our previous conversation? ).

    If you don't want to discuss this here please email me at: mdcfansubs at gawab.com


  7. Ya, Bakabt went down 30 mins after i made the offer. The offer is there, just unable to get approved cause the site's down ahaha

  8. @ Maniac

    I PMed you over on AniDB - Basically, I wanted to keep it a secret that a new .iso-based encode was in the works. The BBT staff might be hesitant in granting a raw+remux version if they think an .iso-based encode might appear. But now that Kira-Fansub is also planning new encodes with my subs, I guess that secrecy was pointless. I had planned to undelete the comments once the torrent went through, but it doesn't seem like blogspot allows that.

    But if you could encode the OVAs first, that would be a big help. The raws I have don't offer any video improvement over the dp releases.

  9. I understand Zalis, feel free to delete the comments here if you want. I'll msg you back at AniDB.

  10. Mind adding a public batch torrent?

  11. Public batch now up. However, I probably won't be able to reseed it too well if it dies. So get it now, or from bakabt in the future.

  12. Arigatou!
    I don't mind seeding it for a while with my server. =)