Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strawberry 100% 10.5 -- The Pickup Artist

No doubt you're wondering about the fractional value of this episode. What I'm calling "Episode 10.5" is otherwise known as the TV Special, entitled "Come Pick Me Up! / I'm Always on Your Side". Using differential equations and integration on everything, I've determined that it occurs between Episodes 10 and 11. So it's 10.5. Ep 10.5 is unique in a couple of ways:

1) It doesn't appear to be based on anything out of the manga. For all the previous episodes, I've been able to skim through the manga and find some relevant section.
2) It only features one heroine. In this case, the lovely and rambunctious Yui Minamito.

Also, subs for this episode are based on DigitalPanic's subs, as yesy did not release it. Sorry to all you Commonwealth English speakers out there, but I probably smoothed out some of the Britishisms dp used. Nonetheless, I think it still comes through in a few places. Styling is the same yesy-esque styling used in all other eps, for the sake of consistency. Besides, Impress BT is a clich├ęd fansub font anyway.

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