Friday, May 7, 2010

Strawberry 100% 10 - A Challenger Appears!

Here it is, episode 10, where Junpei learns of the consequences of his and Aya's careless night of passion some weeks ago. Either that, or Junpei somewhat succeeds in giving White Day presents and going on an awkward movie date. You make the call. Oh, and there's also a girl named Misuzu who dreams of flying through the sky offers unsolicited movie criticism to total strangers.

On another note, I've decided that I will go ahead and do the Strawberry 100% OVAs. I can't guarantee they'll look or sound better than the existing releases. But people wanted softsubs, and I can give them softsubs. I've got the raws, and I can transcribe dp's subs to the timed Chinese subs and avoid OCRing each episode twice. So I may as well. However, I'll probably take a break after finishing the TV series in order to get some other projects started. Plus, there's unique ED karaoke to do for all 5 OVAs.

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  1. Download download download, thanks for episode 10, Zalis.