Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mizuiro Jidai 01-02 - A Journey to the Old School

Now here's something that maybe only a handful of people expected: Mizuiro Jidai, AKA the Blue-Green or Aqua Years. Take a trip back in time with this Spring 1996 shoujo coming-of-age/romance anime, to an era when not every teenager had a smartphone and an online social media presence. Though as a freshman in high school at the time, I do recall that some upperclassmen had pagers, and some of my more tech-inclined friends did have primitive homepages.

This release is a companion/supplement to the KiteSeekers release, which begins at episode 11. As such, I will only be doing the first 10 episodes, hopefully in a few multi-episode batches like this one. Wherever possible, I'll maintain consistency with the KiteSeekers version. Original translations are from Lunar, though with some edits of course. And like Iriya, this is a beneficiary of the March 2006 Lunar script leak -- it included mostly-untimed MiJ translations through episode 35. When I saw that another fansubber, namaiki, wanted to continue subbing the series, I passed him the scripts I had. He in turn passed them along to the folks at KiteSeekers, who recruited back one of the original Lunar translators, and began a formal release. On my end, I only had to transcribe a few episodes, pasteover Russian timings for ep 10, and go through my usual retime/edit/QC treatment.

Torrent (+more technical details)

On a technical note, I went against one of my own tenets, and created typesetting that lags my ancient system for the title screen. I just couldn't resist the allure of fabulous moving/transforming rainbow text against a bit of karaoke. As I'm still using my old PC for now, I'm guessing it won't be a problem for modern systems with xy-vsHostageTaker installed. If you have such a setup and you still get lag there, let me know and I'll release v2s with more simplified TS.


  1. Great. I really appreciate that you dig out the jewels of the past, especially 水色時代 is absolutely worth a complete modern release.

  2. thaaaaaaaaanx very very very much
    keep going