Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saint October 11 - The Enemy Within

Ah yes, "creepy," everyone's favorite meaningless word for "someone who likes me more than I like them." But there's more important things afoot in Saint October 11, such as another confrontation between Sophia, Kafka, and the Goth Loli Detectives. But, both sides have their internal struggles to deal with. For Reverse, it's dissent over the corporate chain of command. And for the detectives, there's a little mistrust developing towards the mysterious boy with no memories, whose appearance just happened to coincide with all these dangerous incidents.

Torrent [CRC=CE99F5A1]

Other things to note:
* They randomly decided to use a later verse of the OP against a voice actress dance video, rather than the ED.
* I turned up the liberalizing in some of the subtitle lines, but I think they still fit with Saint October's aggressive absurdity.
* I'm hoping these guys continue with their Spanish subbed release (which mostly uses my karaoke and is likely re-translated from my subs), as their encode is higher-resolution, lower file size, and better quality.

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