Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saint October 12 - Shocking Revelations

A new episode of Saint October brings with it a new confrontation with some old foes from Reverse, and not everyone is getting away unscathed this time. But before that, there's some exposition on the true nature of the Goth Lolis' allies and enemies, one that truly sets the tone for where the show is going to go.

Torrent [CRC=8A274A86]

This is one of two episodes that were originally subbed only by Dyslexic. While their English was relatively error-free, and contained a number of clever phrasings, some of the translations were misheard or completely off-base, often resulting in lines that were the complete opposite of the intended meaning.


  1. DDL http://goo.gl/qhqjM

  2. yay, keep going. its so awesome you are doing this when nobody else is.