Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Strawberry 100% TV (Blu-Ray)

This isn't my release, just a little cross-promotion: Squiggy over at Tsundere-Rips has released a Blu-Ray version of Strawberry 100% TV 1-13. It's 960x720,* 10-bit(?), no OP/ED segment-linking, with FLAC audio just like the ReDone-MDC version. The subs are from my release, though edited in some way -- if I had to guess, maybe some of my more liberal lines have been changed? You may like it more, you may not, but I figured I'd at least make sure people knew their options. No Blu-Ray exists or has been announced for the Jump Festa or other OVAs, so no legitimate HD rips of them are possible for the time being.

*Remember, this show came out in 2005 and was made in 4:3; making the move to Blu-Ray doesn't magically make it 16:9.


  1. Snagged it days ago, but have assisted in seeding it a few times over.. as far to many hit n run on lil' group torrents. Great quality yay ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

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    Ah man I wrote a long post but I accidentially the link and it got lost.
    The subs are edited at timing, font, tsing and episode titles but not the dialogue itself.
    You can ask skullking if you want to :>

    Have a nice day~