Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Saint October 23 - Don't Turn your Back on the City

The Reverse Company means business, and that business is all-out war, taking it straight to the home front of the Goth Loli Detective Squad and their supporters. With the whole city turned against them, will any stronghold be safe?

Torrent || AoG Patch


  1. Is this shit real?
    Are you really gonna be the first person to finish subbing Saint October.

    1. No, since AoG already released subs for the last half of the series. But I will be the first person to release a consistent version with all episodes under the same label.

  2. http://j.mp/1A4hflJ

  3. The AoG patch kept throwing "Error!" at me but a little detective work made me realise the xdelta3.exe was for 64-bit windows. I downloaded the 32-bit version from xdelta and that did the trick.
    Almost makes me think it's time to upgrade from Windows XP (32-bit)...