Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saint October 25 - You must be hardened with fire!

Saint October's second-to-last episode brings us a battle royale with extra cheese, as all of the Goth Lolis face off against their greatest friends and greatest foes. Only the powers of true love, sadism, and masochism can save them now. And then things get really weird (even by Saint October standards) at the very end.

Torrent || AoG Patch

If anyone's curious about the subjects of the dedication at the end of the ED, they were two of my fellow convention staffers who lost their lives in tragic accidents over the past couple of months. (Consult Google if you want details.) While they weren't exactly hardcore anime fans per sé, I felt they deserved to leave at least some trace, no matter how small, upon the anime world. I chose this episode rather than ep 26 because the last episode doesn't have the standard ED.

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