Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saint October 03 - A Cat is NOT Fine, Too!

Episode 3 of Saint October has the Reverse Company dispatching one of their fearsome beasts (even more fearsome than the late Kim Jong-Il's panthers) to recapture Ewan. Fortunately, Natsuki gets in on the action as well, and gets her own transformation sequence that totally isn't, uh... "dripping" with innuendo.

Torrent [CRC=D159CA84]

If you notice any audio/video desync in this episode, let me know. I encountered a situation where the OP karaoke I pasted in was perfectly lined up with the video scene changes, but the audio in the k-timing was off. I couldn't see any discrepancy when I checked actual dialogue, so I didn't try to remux/delay the audio before releasing.

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