Friday, June 29, 2012

Memories Off 3 - How to Save a Life

I thought for once I'd present a screenshot with relevant characters, since this is the final episode of the 2001-02 Memories Off OVA. This installment features cheery, artsy, and sickly girl Minamo Ibuki, who has an unexpected connection to Tomoya's past. After going through a certain amount of drama, the episode ends on a sad and ambiguous note. At least the animators remembered to include the title this time.

Batch (BakaBT) || Batch (Nyaa)

I'm not sure if I'll start in on Memories Off 2nd right away. However, I have new encodes available for it in both 8-bit and 10-bit h264. Both versions have equal file size. So the question is, do you want...

* 8-bit only?
* 10-bit only?
* Both 8 and 10-bit?


  1. Great job. Thanks for not letting those raws go to waste.

    If a prequel came out in 8-bit, my preference would be to stay with 8-bit. That way, I can watch all episodes in all series back to back on the same player. Hardware players don't play 10-bit. For that I have to drag my laptop down to the HDTV rig and I tend to watch as much as I can before dragging it back. YMMV.

  2. Both 8 and 10-bit.

  3. tracker won't start on Azureus ç_ç

  4. if you want to do only one, then it should be 10 bit for a bit higher quality with the same size (unless the encoder messed things up). If you can, release also the 8 bit version for backward compatibility with hardware players and limited devices.

  5. 10-bit rip not work in HD-mediaplayers.
    Normal people watch anime only on TV.

  6. Whichever encode has the best image quality ;)

  7. Thank you, this was on my to watch list, and it was worth the wait, will snag and watch, hope you find #5, thanx again for this d(-_^)