Monday, June 18, 2012

Memories Off 01 - Amefuri Koneko

Once again, I'm reaching into the vaults to bring out another old and somewhat forgotten OVA from the early 00s. Memories Off was based on a romance game of some sort, though I don't know if it was ero or not. Rather than forming a complete story, the three episodes adapt different story paths from the game. They all deal with a male lead who's lost a childhood friend/girlfriend to Japan's #1 Backstory Killer (a traffic accident), and his attempts to move on amidst guilt and regret.

Since I could not find the Baka-MX version for comparison, I took the subs from the commonly-available Anime-Keep release. As always, they've been retimed and edited, this time to fix TL/timing errors, improve flow, and remove embarrassing internal notes that were accidentally left visible in the final release.

Batch (BakaBT) || Batch (Nyaa)

More technical details available at the torrent link. I'm sure some will question the use of wmv and wma, and my answer is:
1) That's how the raws were.
2) Since the wma used 16-bit depth rather than 24-bit, it worked in Aegisub without the need to transcode to another codec. Therefore, I decided not to transcode the audio, which would've degraded the sound quality.

Before anyone asks: yes, I do intend to release later OVAs in the Memories Off series. Someone has been working on finding/encoding raws for MO 2nd and 3.5 for me. However, I'd like to get the MangAnime release of Memories Off #5, so if you have that file, let me know and seed the torrent.


  1. I have yu's version burned to DVD somewhere, I don't have MangAnime's release.

  2. Tnx. Glad i haven't watched these old titles you're doing yet.

  3. Cool to see a raw that I helped find get released. Thanks.

    I'll look around for the MA release of #5 when I can.

    Really enjoyed your recent releases of Lime-Iro and Iria.

  4. Thank you, I looked for this one every where, but all torrents were dead, look forward to all your releases on this OVA d(-_^)

  5. Hi! We are an italian fansub, this one and we are gonna translate in italian the Memories Off saga. But we can't find the raws for Memories Off 3.5 and so I was wondering if you could pass us the raws, if it's not a big problem.
    Normally I wouldn't have asked, but I read your topic about extracting hardsubs and you said to ask, so here I am! Please, let me know if it's possibile!