Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memories Off 02 - Head Games

After fixing half a dozen embarrassing editing errors that I introduced, not to mention countless more TL, editing, timing, and other errors from the Anime-Keep subs, I bring you episode 2 of Memories Off. This episode features Shion Futami (the older sister of Ami and Mami? Probably not), a quiet librarian type of girl who harbors a hidden side and some dark secrets. She's not as moe as Shiori Shiomiya, though.

Note that the English and Japanese episode titles are added in as softsubs, because the post-production team apparently forgot to place the Japanese title in the video. Given how simplistic and shoddy this OVA's animation is, it wouldn't surprise me. So if you're seeing rectangles at that point, your system isn't set up to display East Asian characters properly. To avoid that issue, I normally don't use kanji in my subs, but this warranted an exception. If you wish to fix it, GIYF.

Batch (BakaBT) || Batch (Nyaa)

And as before, I'm still searching for the MangAnime release of Memories Off #5. If you have or can acquire it, let me know. (Luckily, they eventually re-uploaded it.)

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