Friday, May 18, 2012

With You ~Mitsumeteitai~ - The stone holds a power when it's there

My first "all at once" multi-episode release! Here's another old OVA, one I'm releasing despite the fact that probably nobody cares about it. With You is based on a game, was released in 2000-01, and features a childhood friend love triangle romance plot, with a fair amount of supernatural/mystery elements involved. There's nothing special or historically significant about it, but I liked it well enough when I saw it back in 2007. Thus, I decided to revisit it when I saw raws available.

These raws were distributed (but not created) by the folks at Anonymous Russian Rippers, and all I can say is, "don't expect miracles." They suffer from some undercropping, ghosting, and framerate issues, but they still offer better audio and video quality than the old .avi release by AnimeForce. However, the A/V improvements pale in comparison to the subtitle improvements, because AForce's subs were just horrendously awful. Well, the spelling/grammar was adequate, but the translations were erroneous enough that many lines and entire scenes made little or no sense. You can read more details in my AniDB comment, or check out the scripts to see some of the changes I made.


Technical details available at the torrent link. As always, I invite anyone with access to the DVD .isos (or better raws) to re-use my subs in a new encode.


  1. Thanks Zalis. Always grabbing your stuff.

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  2. Looks good enough to get :)