Friday, May 4, 2012

Sky Girls OVA - A Pilot for Pilots

In a shameless endeavor to increase the ReDone "Completed Anime" count, I present to you all the 1-episode Sky Girls OVA from 2006. There's not much time for developing the story or the setting, but there are girls wearing underwear Motion Slits, they fly in the sky, and they blow stuff up.

Vital Stats:

Video Source: DVD encode by Chinese groups SumiSora & CASO
Video: h264, 704x528 4:3, maybe 1200 kbps, 23.976 fps
Audio: Japanese 2.0 Stereo AAC, maybe 136 kbps (MediaInfo was unclear on A/V bitrates)
Subtitles: English softsubs based on Froth-Bite's translation. (Restyled, OP lyrics corrected, retimed, miscellaneous edits & TL corrections)

Torrent [CRC=14BBBE9E]

Of course, this OVA was only a trial run for the 26-episode Sky Girls TV series that aired in Spring 2007. And I'm sure the question that's on your mind is related to the one I'm about to ask: do people want to see a DVD version of Sky Girls TV from me? This wouldn't be an immediate priority, since there already is an English DVD release by Taedium. You can read my thoughts on that release here; needless to say, I decided to watch the Froth-Bite (100%-hardsubbed 400p .mp4) TV-rips instead, and I don't regret that choice. What SG TV really needs is a DVD version with Froth-Bite's subs or at least an improved F-B/Ayako hybrid.

If I were to release Sky Girls TV, should I...

1) Remux the Taedium release, or use the SumiSora&CASO rips? Taedium seems to have better specs, but I could use some video-expert/encoder opinions. Either way, I'd have to get the previews from SumiSora&CASO, since Taedium is a member of the "I don't like previews so I don't think people should have the choice to watch them" club.

2) Keep the styling I've used for the OVA? Use F-B's onscreen/offscreen scheme (ohpleaseno)? Use Ayako's color-coded scheme with a "plain" alternative track?

Then again, I do know some viewers don't mind the absence of previews and prefer certain aspects of Taedium's release, like literal editing and "unobtrusive" styling. So if the Taedium release is generally satisfactory, I'm less inclined to work on a much-later competing release. But from what little I saw of it, I know the Taedium release isn't good enough for me, and I can't quite believe I'm the only one. But like the commercial purpose of this OVA, this release is meant to test the waters (or the skies?) for the TV series.


  1. By reading what you posted about Taedium's release, I say go for it! I wouldn't mind waiting for your release with F-B's subs no matter how long it takes.^^ As for the previews, I with ya on wanting to watch them. Also for the styling, Whatever you use is fine by me. I haven't had any complaints or problems with any of your other release's styling.

  2. I would like F-B's version, since they have the preview included.

  3. But I wouldn't mind F-B/Ayako subs.

  4. Oh yes, please do a DVD version of F-B's subs! I love Sky Girls, it was one of the first series I ever watched :)

  5. I would love for a F-B version :D

  6. yes please. Haven't checked your styling but anything non-eyecancer is ok.

    I'm on liberal side (or whatever F-B was).

  7. Yes, please. Your editing is awesome and I've liked all of your releases so far. I wouldn't mind waiting a little if I'm gonna get F-B's subs with DVD quality. Besides, Ayako is... Ayako, so I think I'm gonna pass with Taedium's version.

  8. Mate, I would love a properly done DVD version with Froth-Bite's subs and I endorse such an undertaking with the force of a thousand waterfalls! If you'll allow the metaphor: Ayako is a turd and Taedium was simply a somewhat slapdash polishing of said turd. Ayako just rushes too much and makes too many mistakes for me to fully enjoy most of their work. The end result is usually unsatisfying and Taedium did nothing to change my opinion on that.

    Font-wise your styling is fine but I will admit a fondness for color-coding. It's more fun.

    Video-wise, I'd go with the SumiSora&CASO rips simply because of the previews but if you wanna know which has the better picture then an old-school frame-by-frame comparison is your friend. I've found that better specs doesn't necessarily mean a better picture. Then again I'm no encoder, just an oldfag who watches too much anime so I don't really count as an informed opinion ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    I love previews myself. I always watch 'em if I have the choice. Even if some people think they're superfluous I still think it's better to have than to not, like with an umbrella. Plus sometimes they're also omakes and contain scenes that never actually show up like with Umineko. Cutting them out is nothing short of a crime and a tragedy! *righteous fist wave* ( `Д´)o彡

    Also, I stand by my opinion that Motion Slits is a terrible yet sexy name to give to something worn by underage lolis but hey lolJapan, amirite?

  9. Big fan of SG, actually this series is what got me into Anime alltogether, so... another vote in favor for this to happen.

    I have Taedium release and yeah it does need some work, i was meddling with them, i'm not an encoder but i found them very tricky so yes please like you said recruit or ask around for a video-expert/encoder (i would imagine asking those groups/individuals who do re-releases Coalgirls, DmonHiro, EveTaku?).

    Ayako's color-code is quite nice, but certainly is just extra.

    F-B subs and previews (if setting chapters then if some ppl wouldn't want them... then they shouldn't mind at all)

  10. iirc Taedium's Sky Girls TV DVD rip was overly bright, I remember not liking it back when I watched it. Haven't seen SumiSora&CASO yet, but going by the other rips I've seen I'd expect it to be not so hot either...

    ...are the DVDISOs available on Nip p2p?

  11. I haven't watched Sky Girls yet.
    But if you do it, then I'll watch it.

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