Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hand Maid Mai - Over before it began

And yet another anime entry is completed by ReDone! Hand Maid Mai was a 2003 OVA set in the same world as the 2000 Hand Maid May TV series. Unfortunately, legal and financial issues concerning the companies involved have created a situation where the 2nd and 3rd OVAs exist, but are apparently in some kind of inescapable limbo. Somehow, I doubt anyone cares enough to try and work things out at this point. And maybe that's a good thing... the way things were developing in this episode, the rest of the show could've easily been lousy. In particular, the main character has lousy financial sense to the point where I wanted to troll-rewrite a line just to point out his stupidity. (But I didn't; check the script if you're curious.)

Nonetheless, I still felt the one episode that does exist deserved a better release, so here it is. There's maybe not a world of difference between ANBU's encode and the raw I used, but I think it's slightly better. As usual, you'll notice more differences in the subtitles, as I restyled them to match the Blitz-Orphan release of Hand Maid May, which is the best existing version of that series. Speaking of which, the creator/remuxer of those files, Collectr, contributed some additional editing and QC to this release. And ANBU's subs were fairly good to begin with, so there wasn't that much TLC needed -- just retiming to eliminate 3-line subs and other oddities. My typesetting is lazier, but ANBU's \moves didn't look that great in the first place.

Torrent [CRC=AC2A118E]

More Rizelmine will come out after the Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Great job on the release, heres some DDL's for you


  2. I really want to see the rest of these.. if you look closly you can see that not only is this in the universe of HHM its in the same neiborhood!!! (you can see the apartment for HHM in the background in a couple of exterior shots)

  3. Thanx for this, i also saw this episode on the old crunchyroll, when it was at it's best with quality subs. I was just hoppin to finish watching it at least once. I think the producers prob just gave up on it and decided to let the whole OVA just be forgotten about. I need to rewatch the 1st season, been years since I watched it.

  4. Thanks for bringing this release to us!

    Just got finished watching it, and while it wasn't great it's still a shame we won't see the remaining OVAs just to get the complete story.