Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rizelmine 01 - The Bartered Loli Bride

As promised, here's the first episode of this trashy but fun Master of Entertainment series, featuring Rie Kugimiya in a loli non-tsundere role. If you were bothered by loli content in series like Strawberry Marshmallow, Stellvia, Gunslinger Girls, and He is My Master, you'll probably want to avoid this one. But a lot of Rizelmine's entertainment value comes from the sheer scandal and wrongness of the situations, not the loli service itself. I also like that it has a male lead who's explicitly interested in older women, and that it's not afraid to heap comical abuse on the female lead instead of the male lead for once. Don't worry, her body can take it.

These are not from random raws, but from all-new encodes done from R2J .iso. Not by me of course, but by Desbreko, whose work you may have seen elsewhere. He put a lot of encoding work into improving on the poor source material, including freeze-framing to correct some animation glitches and various other filtering (particularly anti-aliasing). Subtitles are mainly taken from AIP, though I checked through AC's subs to get the best of both worlds, and made changes of my own as well. I used h-b's dialogue font and AC's color scheme, so if you didn't like AIP's styling, you won't find a trace of it here. Also notable: this release uses ordered chapters, so be sure to keep OP and ED files in the same folder as the episodes, if you want them to play normally.

If you want opinions on Retrofit's release of this series, see this thread. I did not DL it myself, and can assure anyone who cares that I did not "shortcut" by taking any scripts from it.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)


  1. Say that I want to have the Op & Ed permanently In each file without ordered chapters, how would I do that?

  2. You could try this program though I've never used it myself. Another possible way would be to use mkvmerge to cut the main episode files into 3 segments containing the prologue, main episode, and preview. Then use mkvmerge's append feature to string together prologue + OP + Episode + ED + Preview.

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  4. How would I cut them using mkvmerge? Can you provide a tutorial for me please?

  5. Go to the Global tab and click "Enable Splitting." You'll need to find the timecodes where the main episode and preview begin -- I recommend loading the video in Aegisub, seeking to those points, and recording the timecodes. Enter the timecodes into the relevant field in mkvmerge, then hit "Start Muxing" -- it should create 3 new files, Rizelmine##-001 (prologue), Rizelmine##-002 (main episode), and Rizelmine##-003 (preview). Then remove the original file from mkvmerge's main "input" field. "Add" the prologue section in, then click "append" and drag in the OP, main episode, ED, and preview. Mux that and you should wind up with a complete OP/ED-included file.

    Alternatively, you can skip the splitting and just append the OP + Episode (as originally released) + ED together, if you don't mind them playing out of order.

  6. Thanks for the episode! And ordered chapters... Good times. I am also looking for an easy way to link the ops and eds of an episode into a single file. Macs just can't do ordered chapters for some reason and it's quite annoying...

  7. You might find something of use in this thread:


    People are saying that ordered chapters are possible on Macs these days.