Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 03 - Grief and Griefers

The crew of the Amanohara is still recovering from a loss at the end of episode 2. But that doesn't mean that classes and training can take a break to mourn. And they also find time for several misunderstandings, with sexy results. And of course, the enemy isn't going to let their little aerial pleasure cruise go uninterrupted.

New Scene: 07:39~08:54
Enhanced Scene: 15:55~16:20

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  1. Thanks for the release :)

  2. Thanks as well!

    I can't figure out how to apply the patch; do I rename the file after successfully applying the patch? Do I use a recent copy of xdelta3 or get one from you?

    Any help will be appreciated!

  3. It would be nice if the patch rar contained xdelta3.exe and a batchfile for doing the actual patching (as most groups does).

    But for now (this was with xdelta3 3.0z):
    xdelta3 -d -s "[RAW] Lime Iro Senkitan 03 (640x480 WMV9+MP3 24fps DVD) [by].avi" "[ReDone] Lime-Colored War Tales 03 patch.xdelta3" "[ReDone] Lime-Colored War Tales - 03 (DVD) [06207B91].mkv"

    Verify the crc32 in the filename with any crc32 checker.

  4. XDelta3 here:

  5. Thanks very much for the explanation!

    Once I opened a cmd window in the run box and changed the directory pointer to the directory containing the RAW file and patch, everything worked perfectly!

    Thanks again!

  6. It would be really nice if somebody would do Lime Iro Ryuukitan X :)

  7. What is the name of this anime?

    I searched "Lime-Colored War Tales" and only found links directing me to the torrent files.

    And I also searched "Colored War Tales" and "War Tales" to no avail.

    I downloaded this torrent, that's why I'm asking. Thank you.

  8. How do I use the patch files? I don't get it.

  9. These are all the names ANN has for this anime:
    Lime-iro Senkitan
    Lime-Colored History of War
    Raimuiro Senkitan

    The top name is the one it is listed as at ANN (

  10. Then you have the sequel: Lime-iro Ryƫkitan X and the OAV: Lime-iro Senkitan: The South Island Dream Romantic Adventure (I hope redone/zalis will do those too)

    @anon, read my comments above.

  11. -- I'd already added "Lime-Colored War Tales" as a title for this on AniDB, so you would've found it if you'd searched there.

    -- @Anon: *sigh* see the "Patching" page, linked near the top right corner of this blog. It's got the software and instructions you need.

  12. It's stupid to have to install software for subtitles. What's wrong with having subtitles files that are alot easier to attach to video files?

    I've been wanting to watch Lime-Iro, but elephant rhino if I know what the hezmana they're saying. My schools never taught me Japanese sadly.

  13. Here is a suggestion.
    Add xdelta3.exe and a batchfile with the full command to run (named APPLY.BAT or something) to the patch archives.
    I think that would alleviate most of the "how do I..." questions.