Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lime-Colored War Tales 02 - Up, Up, and Away

Just take a wild guess at what she's about to inadvertently show him. If you guessed wrong, you either haven't seen this show before, or you haven't seen enough anime like it. Shintarou Umakai has a busy time in this second episode, between random comedy hijinx, starting classes, a not-so-relaxing bath, and searching for alternative energy sources. Oh, and there's also an enemy attack, with some unfortunate results. And, we the audience get more than a glimpse at the enemy's Quirky Miniboss Squad.

New Scene: 12:56 ~ 14:37 (an extension of the previously-existing bath scene)

EDIT: v2ed to fix a missing word.

Ep 02 v1->v2 patch || TV Series & OVA Batch (Nyaa) || TV Series Batch (BakaBT)

While the subtitles for Lime-Colored War Tales do have an onscreen/offscreen styling scheme, I didn't put as much scrutiny into style shifts or transforms when characters move in and out of frame, as I did with Tonagura! After all, ANBU-AonE didn't do nearly as much shifting and transforming as Ryoumi did, so I don't feel obligated to exceed their efforts. At least not by too much, anyway.


  1. FYI, the next episode preview is in there twice.

  2. In this file? I'm not seeing it. Maybe you meant to post on the Rizelmine entry? In the case of Rizelmine, having 2 previews is quite intentional, as the DVDs contain the 15-second previews used in the TV broadcast and extended 30-second versions. Some episodes have different content across the two previews, so we decided to include both in all eps.

  3. "Lime-Colored" is such a guilty pleasure! The added scenes just ratchet this up.

    Two minor notes:

    14:04: T-The front side?? (double question mark)
    16:38: ...but there many teaching methods. (should be "but there are many teaching methods.")

  4. I don't know if this atters much, but on Nyaa this appears as: [ReDone] Lime-Colored War Tales [Lime-iro / Raimuiro Senkitan] - 01 (DVD). My BitTorrent says [ReDone] Lime-Colored War Tales - 02 (DVD) [1AF059ED]so I know it's the right second ep, just figured I'd mention it.

  5. @ Collectr: The ?? was intentional, the missing "are"... not so much. So much for perfection.

    @CodeMonkey: I titled the torrent file and the torrent on nyaa that way to catch people searching for the Japanese title.

  6. @Zalis: No, I kinda knew that about the title (I'm staff at a Stream site and I often put up anime with both Eng and Jap names to make searches easier. I was talking about the episode #. On the Nyaa list, both episodes (1 & 2) you Uped are labeled as 01 (DVD), but the Client differentiates them as 01 and 02, also having different CRC numbers and file sizes. Unless that 01 that appears on Nyaa list is referring to Volume and not episode?

  7. Ah, okay. I didn't notice the number in the titles you quoted. I've changed the ep 02 torrent now.

  8. That's cool Zalis and oh yeah, thnx for doing a proper version of Tonagura. I always thought that was a cute little series, but the versions floating around were definitely not worth archiving. Your version of Soul Link too is much better that the rest out there too.:)

  9. Thanks for the release :)