Sunday, April 25, 2010

[Zalis] Happy Lesson OVA 05 (END)

It seems like I can't escape strawberry panties, even if I go and work on a different show. Here it is, episode 5 of the 5-episode Happy Lesson OVA. Due to Chitose's own incompetence and Fumitsuki's violent tendencies, he winds up possessed by a spirit whose name I invented from whole cloth. That means it's up to his shrine-maiden/school-nurse mother, Yayoi Sanzenin. This also means you get to hear a lot of Yayoi's VA, the ever-talented Kikuko Inoue. She's also one of maybe two Happy Lesson VA anyone's ever heard of.

Specs are about the same as episode 4. The raw was smaller and more bitrate-starved, so there's even more artifacting/blocking in high-motion scenes.

Torrent [CRC=F21483A1]

And this little mini-project is finally over. I've been working on it in some capacity for maybe 3 years, and it feels good to finally get it out the door. Chances are you'll see a batch torrent for it with eps 1-3 from some other group on bakabt before too long. (EDIT: batch here)


  1. Thanks for the release. Also, Nana Mizuki is also in Happy Lesson, I doubt anyone doesn't know her.

  2. Yeah, I'd forgotten about her, since she plays a secondary character rather than one of the five moms. Slight adjustment made.

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  4. Zalis, I have a slightly better raw for OVA 5. It has less compression artifacts, although it has framerate and some interlacing issues, but it looks a little better. I'm going to release it, how do you want the file tagged? Should I put Zalis anywhere in the tag or just leave it in the script and simply tag with MDC (my tag)?


  5. Actually, I think LIME is going to do encodes from the DVD .isos with my subs.

  6. Hmm, that'd be nice. I didn't even know LIME was still alive. I'll wait to see if they release it.

  7. Go Ichigo!!!!! :D
    Nana Mizuki's In Happy Lesson? Who?
    Kikuko Inoue And Yukari Sendo's Seiyuu are there but I didn't notice her (since I haven't watched it yet XD)

  8. thanks, but can anyone seeding the torrents? ova4+5 :)

    greez from germany

    1. Use the batch on BakaBT: