Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Strawberry 100% 07 - It's Too Late to Apologize

Y'know, I worked fast food for a number of years, including some in management. And I can tell you, low-level employees like Junpei and Satsuki never would've been left alone over the afternoon off-peak. But willing suspension of disbelief is a necessity for a lot of anime. Given how the members of my local anime club nitpick minor physics issues in some shows, it's a wonder they enjoyed others like Gurren Lagann.

Oh, and in other news, Junpei gets a golden opportunity for some real action. Will he exploit it, or will he screw it up? I'll tell you who wouldn't have screwed it up: MANkoto Itou. He would've banged every girl in this show multiple times by now, perhaps even simultaneously. Except maybe Aya. She'd probably be the one with the boat.

On a final point, if anyone's curious about the changes I've made from the yesy subs, extract the .ass files from the .mkvs. I often leave comments in there about problems and errors I saw in the original subs, and why I made the translation and wording choices I did. In general, changes are made on a "they misheard Word A as Word B" or "this line sounded really awkward" basis.

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