Thursday, April 22, 2010

[Zalis] Happy Lesson OVA 04

Torrent [CRC=F72BDF75]

Time for something drastically different from the usual re-releases. This is episode 4 of the 5-episode Happy Lesson OVA series, which was released in Japan in 2001-2003. Happy Lesson has had an odd history. The first three episodes were fansubbed back in the day, and then ADV Films announced the license. All the fansub groups dropped the project (because that was normal and expected back in the old days), but ADV only ever released the first three episodes. Thus, episodes 4 and 5 fell through the cracks. Fansubbers didn't want to touch them because of the license, DVD buyers couldn't buy them because ADV never dubbed/subbed/released them, and obviously, R1DVD-ripping groups couldn't rip what didn't exist. So these two episodes have never been available in English. Until now. Here's the rundown, same as you saw at NyaaTorrents:

Source: DVD (DivX5/mp3/avi raw transcoded to h264/AAC in order to crop black bars and filter some combing)
Container: .mkv
Video: 640x480 4:3 h264 23.976 fps (1042 kbps)
Audio: Japanese 2.0 AAC (128 kbps)
Subtitles: English, soft, styled .ass.
Localization Level: Somewhere between typical fansub and typical R1. Western name order, Onee-chan/Onii-chan translated, standard honorifics retained. Songs have English/Romaji, no karaoke effects.

If the old Anime-Kissaten fansubs ever resurface, I'll do an XviD/avi/hardsub release to complement them, and tweak the subs to make them more fansub-esque. Like karaoke and onee-chan's and all that junk. Enjoy, and stay tuned for episode 5 -- it's already translated, timed, and typeset, so I just need to transcode the raw and obsess over the subs a little more.


  1. Thank you so much! I love this show.

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  3. could anyone please upload this on megaupload if you have it because the torrent is soo slow :(