Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wind ~ A Breath of Heart 04 - Stray Cats Underrun

In another CG-filled episode of Wind, Makoto dodges some potentially lethal cuisine, learns a bit about his family's history with the city, and spends some time philosophizing about a cat with mysterious shopkeeper Hikari. Not a bad slate for a 12-minute episode.

Funny story -- the Static-Subs translation (which has probably not been as available as A-E's for a long time, due to BakaBT hosting A-E) for Hourglass of Summer 02 called Koutarou's best friend "Tsutomu" instead of "Takeshi" on several occasions. Clearly they were working on this series at the same time, and the team got their "VN adaptation MC's male best friend whose name starts with T" mixed up. It baffled me for awhile after I first transcribed SS' Hourglass subs, until I started working on both of these shows at roughly the same time myself.


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