Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hourglass of Summer 01 - But... The future refused to change.

Ah but you're wrong, Koutarou Makimura -- this is both an anime and a game, specifically the 2004 OVA adaptation of the VN known in Japanese as Natsuiro no Sunadokei. Unfortunately, this two-episode OVA doesn't do the sprawling, time-traveling game a whole lot of justice, as three of the five routes are barely touched on at all, and many events are heavily compressed and rushed. I definitely recommend checking out the game if you can find it.

This release uses some old WMV3 raws that I finally managed to get ahold of via some arcane miracle. Not the greatest quality, but they should at least be marginally better than the old Anime-Empire and Static-Subs hardsubbed XviD .avi releases. Of course, if anybody happens to have the .isos sitting around and wants to re-use these scripts, they're welcome to do so ::winkwink::. Subs are based on the SS and A-E translations, with the usual ambiguous mix of corrections and liberal rewrites that you've no doubt come to expect from me. Stay tuned for episode 2 and some special bonus material!

Batch (Nyaa) || Mega

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  1. With Nyaa and TT temporarily down could you post a magnet link? Or a DDL to the tor file?