Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Wife is a High School Girl 02 - The First Show I Ever Dropped

Now before anybody panics, please focus on the verb tense in the post title: it's past tense. I guess back in 2005 when My Wife is a School Girl was airing, I still thought for some reason that it was wrong to watch embarrassed 2D high school girls in skimpy outfits running a school festival café. So I dropped it after the first half of this episode, and missed out on a heartwarming feline story in the second half. But in 2007, after I stopped worrying and learned to love the ecchi via shows like Yumeria, Desert Punk, and Ikki-Tousen, I later revisited and finished this series. Though it still bugs me how a grown man can wreck student property, assault a minor, and get off with no consequences on the "I was defending my daughter's purity" defense.


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