Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wind ~ A Breath of Heart 01 - Hospital Happenings

Since I promised this to some folks at BakaBT awhile ago, I bring you the first episode of Wind ~ A Breath of Heart, which is the only one of the four 2004 half-length-episode VN adaptations that Jumonji-Giri hasn't released. (The others being Final Approach, W Wish, and Operation Sanctuary.) This series fits into the "mysterious ever-present object confers magical conditions on seemingly-ordinary city" category, like Da Capo and Gift ~ Eternal Rainbow.

The encode source for Wind comes from German Fan-Edits; it's XviD and contains hardsubbed romaji karaoke, but the only other option are some lower-res .wmv raws. GFE included English subs from Anime-Keep, and I've fixed them up while incorporating some editing and TL corrections from Static-Subs, as well as Static's color-coded styling. However, much like my Lovely Idol release, you can switch to a "Plain" version on track 2 if you don't like the color-coding. The German subs have been left on track 3, out of respect to GFE's work. And because I have a German brother-in-law, though he doesn't watch anime. And I will attempt to get back on track with My Wife is a High School Girl, as well.


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