Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mizuiro Jidai 01-04 - Re-release

Since some have been asking about it here and elsewhere, I decided I'd better do something with Mizuiro Jidai. This is a re-release of eps 1-4 with new h.264 encodes by KiteSeekers, rather than the old DivX raws I used before. I wanted to release ep 5 as well, but I ran into some encoding issues that'll have to be sorted out first. You may notice some oddities in the names of the files and the folder; if you have the KiteSeekers 11-47 batch, these files will drop right into the same folder, and appear at the top of the list, instead of having [KiteSeekers] 11, 12 ... 46, 47 followed by [ReDone] 01, 02 ... 09, 10.

As with KiteSeekers' releases of Mizuiro Jidai and other projects by them, these files contain hardsubbed karaoke and credits. However, in the folder you will also find OP/ED videos (made from the DivX raws) with softsubbed karaoke. I will also do a softsubbed kara video for ED2, even though I won't be releasing the later episodes.


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