Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Memories Off 2nd - 10-bit batch

This is a 10-bit version of Memories Off 2nd. I'd originally held off on releasing this version because my old desktop couldn't play 10-bit without resorting to VLC, and I have a personal rule against releasing files I can't comfortably play -- a rule which also preclude(s/d) overly-high resolutions and lag-inducing typesetting/karaoke. But over the course of the project, I migrated things to a new PC that is able to handle 10-bit and 720p+, so I figured there was no real reason not to put these encodes to use.

I will also be moving on to Memories Off 3.5, and I have 8-bit and 10-bit versions of those episodes as well. Let me know if you want both 8-bit and 10-bit, or just one or the other. I can also do an 8-bit batch for Memories Off 2nd, if there is demand.

10-bit Batch (Nyaa) || 10-bit Batch (BakaBT) || 8-bit Batch (Nyaa)


  1. DDL for 8-bit
    [ReDone] Memories Off 2nd - 03v2 (DVD 8-bit) [5FD3AD92].mkv |

    [ReDone] Memories Off 2nd - 02 (DVD 8-bit) [97BBDDBB].mkv |

    [ReDone] Memories Off 2nd - 01 (DVD 8-bit) [3A121DEF].mkv |

  2. Looking forward to Memories Off 3.5 to complete the collection! 10-bit would be greatly preferred :)