Thursday, November 14, 2013

Saint October 16 - A Child's Time

Well, I'm finally back and recovered from the most successful Anime NebrasKon yet, though I'm still coughing a bit from the ol' con plague. Fortunately, nobody stole or damaged anything from my viewing rooms, and all my panels went pretty well despite the last-minute procrastinated preparation. Anyway, everybody's least-favorite naughty nymphet Esmeralda is out for revenge and on the prowl in Saint October 16, though she manages to get a little bit... sidetracked. Meanwhile, the Goth Loli Detectives are more concerned with academic troubles than anything else, but they still slip in a little judging on the side.

Torrent [CRC=53FCDF7A] ||AoG Patch


  1. DDL@Uloz

  2. I honestly can't wait for the batch of this, assuming you do one at the end of this endeavor.

  3. Zalis, you ancient wonder. Thanks for everything since back when anime was carved on cave walls.

    I'd like to mention one possible additional idea that occurs to me for converting hard-subs: I'm seeing a lot of commercials for Dragon Software's voice transcription software. If it's as good as they say: watch the hard-subbed show, read the dialogue out-loud, edit and time.

    Anyways, I thought I would mention it in case it seems interesting.