Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kagihime ~Eternal Alice Rondo~ - Cool Story, Bro

Although this isn't a ReDone release, I'm publicizing it anyway since I did mark it in green on the Requests page. I had transcribed all the scripts and was going to release Kagihime (eventually), but after some discussion, I passed the project off to Jumonji-Giri. So the end result is that you'll see it faster and in considerably better A/V quality than the CASO wmv/mp3 DVD raws that I would've used.

While Kagihime is a widely disliked show (possibly even by some of its production staff), I felt it had a certain charm to it. Whether it's the forbidden love, the metaphorical raep, the disturbing and sad backstories, or the totally outrageous hair colors/styles, there were enough compelling elements to keep me watching. The same has been my experience with other Kaishaku adaptations, like Shattered Angels, Magical Meow Meow Taruto, UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie, Steel Angel Kurumi, and Kannazuki no Miko. All of those had R1 DVD releases (minus the snoozefest Steel Angel Kurumi Zero), but Kagihime never did.

For those who are curious, my edits to the subs consisted of:

* Fixing a few translation mistakes (though Froth-Bite's were translated by noted translator Sylf, and were fairly good in general).
* Updating the OP and especially the ED karaoke to reflect the actual lyrics.
* Joining a LOT of lines at the timing level -- F-B's subs suffered heavily from "fragmented timing," where text like "Onii-chan," "where did you go?" would be in two separate subtitles lasting 1.3-1.6 seconds or something. Longer text onscreen for longer amounts of time = easier to read comfortably.
* "Seeker(s) of Alice" -> "Alice Seeker(s)"; it's more compact this way. Hopefully this won't be as contentious as the Tokyo Mew Mew terminology edits I suggested.
* General edits to improve phrasing and flow to sound more natural in English.

Torrents can be found here, along with a batch on BakaBT. Post image is from the old Froth-Bite TV-rip; see here to see how the new DVD release stacks up.


  1. Thanks for the release..

  2. Needs more seeders

    1. Again, this is not my release, I don't distribute it, and I don't even have the files yet. Ask over on Jumonji-Giri's site, or just wait for the batch torrents.