Sunday, March 11, 2012

Iriya's Sky, Summer of UFOs 03 - Dance in the Manta Pilot Bund

Here we are at the strangely dark school festival episode of Iriya's Sky. Though I don't mean dark in terms of subject matter, just in terms of lighting. (This extends to all encodes I've seen of ep 03.) Maybe it's all to set up a contrast to the memorable sunset "dancing" scene at the end? Oh, and before I forget again, this release in general is semi-dedicated to anime blogger and real-life acquaintance Xebek; this OVA is among his first and favorite anime. And if you're in the Midwestern USA and into science fiction, check out this event that he and a long-time friend of mine put on. I may also be there.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)

P.S. You may think it's trolling, but I think the line fits the situation. Watch the ep and you'll likely see what I mean.


  1. Oh wow.

    Lucky I stumbled across this.

    As one of the members of AnY who originally worked on the series, I am happy someone cares about this OVA enough to release a modern version.

    Btw. if you feel like chatting, or would like access to my old Iriya scripts to speed things up, memoserv Minase_Nayuki on Rizon. I see Zalis regged with memoserv, but~~

  2. Thank you for bringing back this excellent series, in spite of I already have Ayu's version I'm downloading again. I hope Iriya gets a BD release someday.

  3. I had always wondered if the extreme fuzziness of my ancient copy (AnY-Spork) of this episode was an encoding thing, or due to the source. Seems it was indeed, the source.

    Seems like a bizarre thing to do deliberately, particularly given the dancing scene.

  4. hmm... it feel that this ep is kinda have the darker feel than the previous ep that's brighter than this dim'lit ep XD