Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What should be next?

So you may have noticed that there haven't been many releases lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working behind the scenes. Rizelmine will still be continuing, but with Lime-Colored War Tales wrapped up, it's time to start a new project. The question is, what do people want to see? I have the following series with all raws and subs ready to go, either from transcription or because they were softsubbed or otherwise available.

(name of show - raw - Fansub group)

* G-On Riders [unkown wmv] [Mugen] (note that DmonHiro has released subbed DVD-rips of this, though from HKDVD source]
* H2O ~ Footprints in the Sand ~ [essenapa-jSwar] [Ureshii&F-B]
(if somebody can get me CR's subs for H2O, that'd be a big help for TLC)
* Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu [new encode] [mix of Lunar/Ayu/AnY-Spork]
* Kagihime ~Eternal Alice Rondo~ [CASO] [F-B]
* Kanon 2002 [yR] [AI&A-F]
* LoveDol ~Lovely Idol~ [AME] [WinD]
* Mamotte Shugogetten [unknown raws] [A-Flux]
* Minami-ke Okawari [URaws] [Ayako-Sae]
* My Wife is a High School Girl [Russian raws] [LIME]
* Saint October [essenapa-Jswar] [Ryoumi + mbt&l-w + AoG]
* Ultimate Girls [unknown raws] [A-W]
(not sure if I want to do 2 m.o.e. shows at once, though)
* Wind ~ A Breath of Heart [GFE (German release with hardsubbed romaji/kanji karaoke)] [A-Keep or SS]

If you want to request something that's not listed here, you can do so on the Reqeusts Page.


  1. will you be making a poll?

  2. How about Mamotte Shugogetten. It's one of my favorites and really deserves a treatment from ReDone.

  3. Mamotte Shugogetten please. I want to watch it, but am waiting for your version.
    Otherwise, Lovedol could really use your translating skills for episode 13.
    Not to mention S2 of Lime-Colored War Tales :)
    Kanon 2002 is still on my back burner btw, I might do it if I have the time.

  4. I'm all for Lime-Iro Ryuukitan, as well as My Wife Is A High School Girl. There's only a hard sub for it, but soft-subs are even better for screencapping.

  5. My Wife is a High School Girl would be awesome.

  6. Wind~a breath of heart plz.
    Also Kanon 2002 has been superseded by Kanon 2006.
    And since 2006 is better in every way I think you can stripe it off your list.

  7. Minami-Ke Okawari please :)

  8. My Wife Is A High School Girl or Ippatsu Kikimosume.

  9. I would like
    Iriya no Sora
    Mamotte Shugogetten
    Minami-ke Okawari

  10. So many series to choose from... My vote goes for Iriya no Sora, but I also would like to see Kagihime, Kanon 2002 and Saint October.

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  12. @Anon 7:28 --

    As I suspected from its age and relative obscurity, Ippatsu Kikimusume was never released on DVD in Japan.

    1. Not sure what u mean.
      But here is the DVD version.


    2. I don't know what's so ambiguous about "it was never released on DVD in Japan." The raw you linked seems to be from a VHS source (possibly recorded onto DVD and then encoded), given the distinctive VHS tracking lines and artifacting. However, it is still better quality than the very dire E-F release, so I will consider releasing it.

  13. My wife is a Hisgh School girl
    and Minami-ke has my vote :)

  14. Also try uploading with Rapidshare or Hotfile. Torrents, for me, take too long.

  15. Piroca de Fantasma é GeladinhaJanuary 31, 2012 at 6:37 PM

    From this list, I would choose Wind ~ A Breath of Heart or Ultimate Girls.
    From the titles mentioned on request, Kakyuusei TV (original series).

  16. I would say "Ai Yori Aoshi Plus Enishi" is in need of better subs, been a long time since I saw it. And KAA did an okay job, but I hear they missed a few lines. Since the only thing out there is E-D copy, I prefer not to get theirs, since it is a USA release rip. I would like the version I see unlocalized and R2 Locolized. Just throwing an idea out there. Or do you know of any group doin that one ATM?

    1. Note that KAA's is also a rip of the US DVD subs, and that the R1 subs actually did use some honorifics (as did the English dub). I don't know of anyone that's doing them, and I don't think I'd do anything with those series until I see what Funimation does with them -- they may well revise the subs to be less localized. There are some wmv/avi R2 rips on arearaw; I could check and see if those are worth remuxing with the English audio + edited subs from E-D.

      Personally, I wish the Anime-Otakus&Solar / AnimeONE TV-fansubs were out there, but it seems like KAA's old shitty "unedited R1 subs except for missing lines and added mistakes" CDR-scrimping hardsubbed .wmv/.avi release forced them out of circulation. Man, if only I'd downloaded them when I had the chance...

  17. Mamotte Shugogetten might be interesting, but I'm not sure...

    Great chara design.
    Great music.
    Plot? Eh... as far as I can tell, it makes absolutely no sense. But it kind of seemed like the version I watched had been retranslated into multiple languages before finally settling on English.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're doing Iriya no Sora; I still haven't watched that.