Thursday, January 13, 2011

Touka Gettan 19 - All the World's a Stage

Well, I'm sure Ishihara and the Bill 156 backers would've had numerous problems with this episode, Touka Gettan's 19th and infmaous "play episode." Note how much of the voice acting in this episode is very hammy and exaggerated, much like Itsuki Koizumi in Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya "Episode 00". If you've been confused by Touka Gettan until now, ep 19 will reveal a lot of crucial backstory and character history. Ya know, much is made in the anime fandom about "wincest", big-brother adoration, the moe attributes of younger sisters, "imoutits," etc. But in contrast to the rather glorified sequences in earlier installments, this episode portrays incest as something disturbing, coercive, and shameful -- in other words a bit closer to reality.

And while I have to condemn Serin's increasing use of alpha-timing that left a few lines starting late in my test watch, I have to commend their masterful handling of the Touka/Momoka conversation after 19:30. There's barely anything I changed or would have changed in those lines.

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  1. Thanks a lot man!

  2. Thanks man) Only 1 question.
    If you use video from HKG raws, where did you find AC3 audio track?
    PS. sorry my bad English ^^

  3. Seto_Otaku is providing these raws for me. I'm not 100% sure if they're from another group/source, or if they're encoded directly from .iso. So they might not be HKG at all.

  4. Here's one who'll be waiting for this redoing to be completed. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hey Zalis, I happen to stumble upon this thread on MAL regarding an older pc having difficulty playing 720p's and I suppose that is yours. I still have here a pentium 4 2.8ghz, fx7600gs gpu, 512mb ddr2 ram, 500mb 7200rpm sata hdd. I think the graphics card and the hdd really improved it alot as it were both an upgrade. I can play 720p fine with k-lite mega codec pack, but I have to close all apps including my antivirus. I tried using CCCP but it lags with 720p's.
    I bought an intel atom 330 cpu last year. It uses windows 7 64-bit, has a 7200 rpm hdd, and a 2gb ram. But it uses its own intel gpu (the system sucks, no room for upgrades, but it's cheap, you get what you pay for) and it can't play 720p's with softsubs, and still staggers just to play 720p hardsubs. Anyway, it's supposed to be faster than my p4 2.8ghz right?
    Before the 7600 gs I had an fx5500 and I remember I had no problem with 720p BD playback. You might want to try that out, fx5500+7200rpm hdd, it's probably the cheapest sol'n I could give you. And after resolving your playback issues I suggest you get at least a 20" lcd monitor, I bought one on sale on thanksgiving for less than a $100 (actually 90bucks+tax depending on what state you're in). I remembered when I switched from a 17" crt to a 24" lcd monitor, the difference is just worlds apart.

  6. Hmmm, I just remembered watching 1080p's of FMP awhile back on my t2330 laptop, it's a dual core with 1.60ghz each, 1gb ddr2 ram, and an Intel GMA X3100, with no problems. Whereas the atom330 dual core with intel graphics 82945g chipset can't even play softsubbed 720p's. I wonder why that is.. anyway, try upgrading first your video card and see what happens.