Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Heart ~RmM~ 12 - And the reason is you

Here I am once again, fighting back sickness, and coughing, hacking, and sniffling through the penultimate episode of To Heart ~Remember my Memories~. Multi goes missing, and it's up to almost everybody who's had any screen time in this show to find her. Along the way, Hiroyuki learns some startling truths about his and Multi's past. But that knowledge only gives him more determination to track down the fugitive Naru Narusegawa Minori Kushieda Tamami Chanohata Kotori Shirakawa Tohru Honda Ayu Tsukimiya Eri Sawachika Multi.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)

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  1. Thanks for another great release, I'm looking forward to the final episde. Get well soon. ^_^