Sunday, September 12, 2010

To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ - 01

Just so I didn't forget about this show, here's To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ 01. Before To Heart 2 and its unending run of sequels, there was this 2004 sequel to the original 1999 series. And I have to say, the cel art in the old version looked a lot better than this modern rendition. The extreme popularity of robot maid Multi is also in play, as To Heart ~RmM~ features her return and continuing adventures. But if you like this set of characters, this is a decent little show, with more of an ongoing plot than the original had.

Vital Stats:
Source: DVD (Zero-Raws, transcoded from wmv via HandBrake)
Container: .mkv
Video: 704x480 Anamorphic 4:3 h264/AVC, ~550-800 kbps, 23.976 fps
Audio: Japanese 2.0 Stereo AAC, 128-160 kbps
Subtitles: English styled .ass softsubs
Subtitle Source: Anime-Keep&Anime-Faith (1-8), Convlave&Anime-Faith (9-13)

Is it better quality than the TV-rips? Honestly, I'm not really sure, given that I'm working with re-encodes of pre-encoded raws here. But at the very least, you get:
* Softsubs instead of hardsubs.
* Some TL and editing fixes. The originals were pretty good, though.
* Less intrusive insert karaoke. Here's some samples:
ReDone,To Heart,Karaoke Anime-Keep,Anime-Faith,To Heart,Karaoke

* On the minus side, you get slightly worse typesetting, as my TS skills are not as good as the average fansub group TSer. I also didn't include things like staff credits and some irrelevant signs. But I tried to imitate the originals where possible.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)


  1. >transcoded from wmv

  2. Thanks :D

    BTW? Will you maybe think of doing Comic Party the R1 just didn't do justice (Looks like crappy 480i) while the R2 had some nice quality :D

  3. @ Shirohamada: As the "about me" section says, I don't promise great encodes, just great subs :P

    @HayateM: I imagine the show is crappy 480i, considering its age. Though I have the R1 DVDs, and they do leave much to be desired. But to do a release, I'd have to:

    1) Find R2 raws (I doubt my attempts to encode from .isos would look any better), which don't seem to be out there.
    2) Do a LOT of typesetting.
    3) Find a way to add the English audio, as I don't believe in producing shiny new Jpn-only releases and leaving dub watchers stranded with ancient inferior releases.

    So for the time being, I have to say no on Comic Party.

  4. Completely forgot to ask about this but since you are doing ToHeart? will you maybe think of doing ToHeart2? :D

  5. Could someone please seed?

    Only 23.1% available...


  6. I would like to do To Heart 2 at some point, after finishing with RmM. Hopefully Seto_Otaku will be able to provide the raws, since they're not easily available on torrent trackers.

    And I will try to get these episodes uploaded for DDL eventually.