Friday, June 11, 2010

Strawberry 100% OVA 00 & updates

So, I've been slacking on posting Strawberry 100% OVA info. And who could blame me, with a show as compelling and conclusive as this one? Anyway, the main focus of this post is "OVA 00," which is also known as the 2004 Shounen Jump Festival OVA. For you manga readers, this takes place at around chapter 70. It's funny, back in late 2005 when I first saw this, I didn't automatically associate "guy + girl together in outdoorsy area" with "nearly-naked taking shelter from the rain." Later, there's some Junpei X Tsukasa service with a test of courage.

Again, subtitles for the Jump Festival and all future OVAs are based on DigitalPanic's translations. Good thing I had yesy's release of OVA 00 sitting around, since dp didn't translate the ED.

Some updates on other fronts: I've sent MDC the script for the true "first" Strawberry 100% OVA episode, the one where Junpei and Aya get trapped in a room and wind up nearly naked. Wait, deja vu anybody? On Touka Gettan, I'm hopefully going to get better raws, and try to improve my translation of the OP a bit. It's just like TG to throw weird archaic poetic words into its songs...


  1. Link for ep 9 points to torrent for ep 8. ^_~

    Thanks for sharing~

  2. Oops, somehow I knew I'd do that with at least one link, considering I was manually typing in some of the numbers instead of copy+pasting. Fixed now.

  3. Thanks Zalis and Maniac for this. I will be providing both batch torrents of the newly improved encodes of the mains series and the OVAs on Bakabt, if there are no objections of course as far as the OVA Batch is concerned. Of course they'll be seperate batch torrents to comply with Bakabt rules.

  4. That's fine with me, but I plan on putting a combined batch torrent on nyaa when everything is done.

  5. HiddenJumper, that sounds fine with me. And I'm sure people will want a public torrent, too.