Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strawberry 100% 02 - Cuz now I'm trapped in the closet

Here's episode 2, wherein Strawberry 100% recycles the "guy fantasizes about girls during entrance exam" gag that was surely already old when Love Hina used it. If you want an example of the kind of localization I'm doing, take a look at 19:40 or so. Yesy originally left "suberidome" in the subs, with a note explaining "suberidome = taking entrance exams as a safety measure in case one fails others." I changed "suberidome" to "safety school" and removed the note. Much more concise that way, with no major change in meaning.


  1. what do u say about joining this project together?

  2. Well, I fear our approaches to the show are too different. Like with the kanji in the karaoke, or the color-coded subs. If we joined up, I'd insist on "my way" of doing things, which would lead to drama. And that's bad. Plus, I already have timed scripts for all episodes with OCR errors fixed. So all I have left to do is:

    1) Typesetting: Scan the TV-rips to add any missing dialogue lines and text typesetting.
    2) Timing: Shift times for the DVD-raws, re-check the timing to split 3 and 4-line subs, which occur because I use bigger text and margins than what yesy did. Add lead-in/lead-out, eliminate scene-bleeds, and link lines where appropriate to eliminate "flash."
    3) TL check/Edit: Correct mistranslations using my own knowledge and the manga scans; rewrite lines to flow better in English and fix spelling/punctuation/grammar/usage errors.
    4) QC: Create and watch test muxing with subs and necessary fonts; fix any remaining errors.

    The question is, would you be able to help out with any of those steps?

  3. what I do with Ichigo 100% that i have the Chinese .ass timed and everything all i have to do is replace the Chinese to English by typing each sentence from the TV version I used LIME sub and recolor each one to match the hair to the person Karaoke are in kanji and romanji with English sub.

    what i can do for is to take the script from u and do the same processes as I did with mine but it looks like your work harder than what i do. so I don't know I might just stick with my work