Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preliminary Request Post

Even though I haven't released anything yet and am completely untested in your eyes, here's a post where you can ask me to take on new projects. There are, of course, a few conditions:

1) DVD raws or softsubbed releases in some language must be available. Torrent and DDL links would be a big help here.

2) Anime that does not have existing, planned, or ongoing softsub releases in DVD-quality or higher. This will usually mean anime aired between 2002 and 2006.

3) Following (2), I'd prefer to avoid anime licensed in DVD Region 1 (USA & Canada). Legalities and ethics are part of it, but most licensed anime will already have softsubbed rips available. I will consider doing shows where the R1DVDs and the rips are particularly full of fail, but you'd better make a strong case for it.

4) For reference, these are some projects I have planned for the future and their [sources]:

Strawberry 100% [yesy] (1st ep to follow after this post)
To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ [Keep/Conclave&Faith]
Touka Gettan [SRN]
Cosplay Complex [R1 OCR/TS/Edit, via COR]
Sentimental Journey [R1 TS/Edit, via RiP]
Shinigami's Ballad [Triad via ^_^]
*some other sekrit re-re-releases to be revealed later*

Theoretical/Possible projects, meaning I haven't compiled raws or subs yet:
Twin Spica [A-F]
Candidate For Goddess [AF subs, since R1DVDs were dubtitled]
Rixelmine [AC+h-b] -- I will do this if someone can get me the raws.

So request away, but please check animenewsnetwork and anidb for licensing and fansub info first. It'll save your time and mine.


  1. If you interested any opinions (sorry, have no time to read your Introduction), go with
    Touka Gettan
    (btw, raws from nyaa (HKG or unknown raws)?)
    Shinigami's Ballad
    (after ichigo 100%)

  2. I would seriously put consideration into Touka Gettan. The serious is amazing, but the DTV encodes really bring it down.

    If you do not want to put in the effort yet (understandably) then tackle Shinigami's Ballad.

    If you have translation skills, look into Sora o Kakeru Shoujo. CoalGirls seems to be stalled at 8.

  3. Oh yeah, if you can translate Japanese to English, I desperately need someone to finish off those damned Princess Lover! specials.

    I could also use a "go to man" whenever I run into shows which need additional work (ex. my release of Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo really need a new set of translations and/or editing).

  4. I know it's a little late but can you please re-do Koihime Musou season 1?

    I'll provide the scripts from DmonHiro and up it to fileserve. There's DVD and BD ISO's on nyaa

  5. Does Koihime Musou S1 really need it? Granted, the Ayako subs I watched were somewhat fail, and the R1 subs are a direct port of the allegedly-subpar CR subs. But afaik AonE-Menclave's subs are okay. If I did anything with it, it'd be a remux of the PFSub-AonE-Menclave DVD-rips, since I don't encode from .iso or do 720p. So you wouldn't see any A/V improvement.

    But go ahead and put Dmon's scripts up somewhere, and I'll look into things.