Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wind ~ A Breath of Heart 12 - Gonna Need a Nicer Boat

In this starkly intense episode of Wind, Minamo's feelings of grief, jealousy, and rejection boil over into a concoction most perilous. I get the feeling this is what happens when you trip a few flags for other girls by doing nice things for them, while generally/half-heartedly heading down one particular game route. Luckily, things turn out a little better for this Makoto than for that other one. Or maybe this Makoto's results are just as good as the other one's were, until they weren't.


Once again, this episode and all others after 09 have been renumbered in my release to remove decimal/fractional values. Although I'm numbering it 12, this episode is listed on AniDB and elsewhere as episode 10.4, "Tell me your Feelings......"

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