Sunday, May 4, 2014

Saint October 21 - Only You can Conquer the Birds!

Bet you didn't expect this so soon! Saint October begins its run into its final arc with episode 21. Arcana City is descending into chaos, the main villain returns to the scene, and certain bits of information shake our heroes and heroines to the core.

This quick release was made possible by the fact that I'd pretimed eps 21-26 in the past, with the intent to translate them myself. And I actually had translated ~40% of this episode, so part of the task was just rechecking those lines before filling in AoG's lines or edits thereof for the remaining lines. I may try a modified version of this tactic for future releases. Rather than Google-translating Russian timed subs, creating blank duplicates to transcribe the hardsubs "mostly-as-is," retiming, and then re-editing, I may be able to simply retime the auto-translated subs, create blank duplicates, and then type/transcribe edited versions based on what I heard while timing or replaying them as I go... which I currently do while editing anyway. This combined edit/transcribe process might reduce the total time of the two separate steps by 25-50%.

Of course, my real obstacles to fansub progress are caring about real-world news, reading/posting on other anime sites, and playing ancient RTS games, not anything in the fansubbing process itself...

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