Friday, February 3, 2012

Sky of Iriya, Summer of UFOs 01 - Here come the Men in Black

Thanks to a bit of fortune nearly six years ago, I did not have to transcribe or OCR subtitles for this nice little OVA from 2005. So I'm going to try and bring it out as a fairly quick release. Like SaiKano from 2002, Iriya's Sky, Summer of UFOs is a story about a girl being turned into a weapon of war, and about the boy who loves her. But compared to SaiKano, it's more down-to-earth and less bleak.

Being an OVA, the existing hardsubbed releases by Ayu and AnY-Spork are already DVD source, so there's obviously no decensoring or added scenes involved. However, this is a new encode by Jumonji-Giri, rather than a remux with existing raws, and there are substantial video quality improvements over AnY-Spork's XviD/avi release and Ayu's h264/avi(?!) release. You may also hear an upgrade in the audio department, as this uses FLAC rather than transcoded mp3.

In addition to the two groups listed above, Iriya's Sky, Summer of UFOs was also translated (though not fully released) by Lunar. These subtitles contain the best of all three scripts, along with my usual brand of improvements. The OP and ED have been largely rewritten, and I used letterbox overlays to make the ED "fake 16:9," thus allowing for subdued ED karaoke that does not clash with the scrolling credits.

Anyway, the file sizes will be bigger than the older releases due to FLAC and other reasons, but I think you'll find it all worth it in the end. Additional technical info can be found on the torrent page.

Batch (Nyaa) || Batch (BakaBT)


  1. No DDL links? Torrent only? So stupid.

  2. It's not my fault that the DDL world completely imploded.

  3. Thanks. Its one of my favorites.

  4. The MP3 in the old rips weren't "transcoded", the dvds come with uncompressed LPCM tracks (so probably no hearing the difference, either...).

    Thanks for the release!

  5. For DDL try rapidshare, mediafire, hotfile, whatever.

  6. This one was good but sad, I watched also Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku which is similar to this one, but the main characters are chicks. Thanx for picking it up, but this one was way better then Blue Drop by far.

    Also quit wining about DDLs, blame SOPA & PIPA for the chaos we had, also a good torrent site went down this past week. RIP BTJunkies, was my fave place to get anime and old movie torrents. As they had a decent seed count. has a pay-per-DL like fileshare and a few others did. You can upload 2GB for free, and to keep your file safe, just add a password to it in a zip or rar file so it stays up long. The only downside is when you are downloading from them in free mode, you have to keep their that page open and not switch tabs or the DL will pause. Speed is decent, so I use it as a few other sites use it.

  7. Freakin sweet.

    For me this is a much beloved title, the dancing scene with him and her still makes me tear up. It washed the bitterness of Saikano away.

    Many thanks Zalis

  8. Thanks. I've been meaning to rewatch this show. I guess I have to wait a bit for the batch though, but thanks for doing this. And I just saw your requests page and I'm glad you'll be doing Hitohira and saint October in the future.