Friday, November 19, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke - is it worth it?

Just a little question for anybody out there reading these posts... Amidst all the other projects I want to take on, I had the idea of doing Kimi ni Todoke. It'd be Eclipse subs with improved styling (since Eclipse never mastered the concept of "padding" in their 5 years of existence), the occasional spelling/grammar glitches fixed, and some different approaches to karaoke and typesetting. But when I DLed some of the Zero-Raws DVD-rips, I discovered that several eps have audio/video desynch issues, which would require extra time and trial&error to correct. So that's the first obstacle.

The second obstacle is this: Is Kimi ni Todoke one of those shows where the HDTV broadcasts are better quality than the DVDs? As always, I watched the low-res version, so I wouldn't know. If 720p-HDTV is better, it'd mean that any DVD-rips would only be an upgrade over Eclipse's 400p-XviD release. And even that looked pretty good to me. But softsubs/h264 are theoretically an improvement, and I always like working on good shows with good scripts. As opposed to good shows with bad scripts (Touka Gettan), or bad shows with bad scripts (Strawberry 100%). (I guess some might consider TH~RmM~ a bad show with good scripts, so that completes the 4 possibilities.)

But anyway, Kimi ni Todoke DVD-rips+Eclipse subs -- is there an audience for them, other than low-enders looking for a marginal upgrade over Eclipse's XviD release?

And in other news, I finally started doing some more work on editing and TLCing the Shin Koihime Musou OVA, so expect that in glorious 480p before too long.


  1. "Is Kimi ni Todoke one of those shows where the HDTV broadcasts are better quality than the DVDs?"

    Yes, by far. Kind of like Durarara!! or basically any well-animated show airing in at least 720p that gets a crappy DVD-only release.

    My suggestion is, spend your time on something else.

  2. Same feeling. There is a reason why I skipped this show, among others. The HDTV releases are far superior to the DVD release. Unless there are massive reworkings of the animation, pass.

  3. Ah, I suspected as much. Though I have seen people ditch their 576p/720p HDTV-rips for DVD on a number of other shows (Sekirei, ToLoveRu, Hyakko, Myself;Yourself, Nogizaka Haruka S1, ZnT 2-3, Clannad, Nagasarete Airantou, Toradora, etc.), so I thought there was a chance. Doing KnT would've meant a lot of manual scanning for and adding of signs, as well. So I'll pass on it.

    @Anon: I must admit to taking a certain amount of twisted glee when a show airs in 720p but gets a "crappy" DVD-only release. Because unlike shows that come out on Blu-Ray, there's a high probability that I'll be able to enjoy an uncensored/fixed-animation version.

  4. Could you point out which of the Zero Raws had problems? There is also a nezumi dvdrip that is as good as the original HDTV. I have them if you want to look at them. Wish I had time to work on these myself. Anyways, I hope someone does a dvdrip of this, else I can always keep the eclipse ones. Thanks.

  5. IIRC Episodes 2 and 3 of Zero-Raws had issues, at least. I did a quick search for the Nezumi rips, but then saw that they're 1280x720 :(

  6. I also have the 720p TV version... And the only annoying thing in there is the logo of the broadcasting channel (is that a pig?).

    The quality seems better than what a DVD can offer, so as you fear... you will only offer an improvement over the 400p XviD version of Eclipse.

    But you shouldn't take my opinion too seriously... since for me this was a show that started good (first 5-6 episodes) and went bad and boring after that. Die hard fans may want a release without that annoying logo :p

  7. The only times I really condone HDTV to DVD is when there is major reworking of the animation (think every SHAFT or GAINAX anime) or there was major censorship which should not have been there in the first place. For a show like Kimi ni Todoke you can't take advantage of any scenario, so it is not worth your time unless you are looking for something to do.

  8. personally i would probably still look forward to a DVD release *one of those fans*