Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shin Koihime Musou OVA - Three Rings for the Elves

So here it is, the followup to the original Koihime Musou OVA I released awhile ago. All the characters you know and love (plus dozens of others whose names you can't keep straight) head off for a tropical island vacation. Nothing but swimsuits, oil-rubbing, and frolicking on the beach. But there's trouble in paradise, in the form of catgirls, stowaways, an ancient legend, and of course tentacles. Can't forget those.

Subtitles: From Oriental Salamander, retimed, edited, TLCed. Karaoke courtesy of Polished-Subs.

This is the first Blu-Ray downscale I've managed to release, and I at least am pleased with the results. I understand PFSubs&Kiteseekers also did a downscale, but theirs is 400p/XviD/.avi/mp3/hardsub. That one's probably better for standalone players, though.


  1. for the subs on this release, is it the same as the higher-resolution's sub? Did you edit the script or just use the same without editing?

  2. I did extensive editing to fix mistranslations, spelling/grammar issues, and improve the English flow. Timing for all lines has been adjusted, as well. Admittedly I might not have fixed everything, but you'll find substantial differences and improvements. There's a link for the scripts alone if you want to inspect them.

  3. Hi, Can someone please seed this =)